Hey guys and girls and welcome to electricallifecyclesolutions.com. Before we begin I suppose you would like to know a little about our background. Myself (Niall) and my girlfriend Laura have took it upon ourselves to create and develop what you see before you - our very first website!

Being that our passion lies in many different areas we ultimately decided that if we were going to develop electricallifecyclesolutions to be a fun and entertaining adventure for both of us then we were going to have to blog about what we enjoy most in life.

Since I am a bit of a stoner and computer geek at the same time my first two posts that I chose to blog about where about an app called Mackeeper and obviously my love for marijuana!

Laura on the other hand is crazy about horses, babies and all things girly as you might also have expected and her blog entries will stand out like a sore thumb compared to mine!

Don’t pigeonhole us and think that this is all we are interested in however since we are an amazingly outgoing couple with a range of hobbies and interests. You will be amazed at some of the future posts we have in mind for Electricallifecyclesolutions. Although I would love to spill the beans on some of these right now Laura would absolutely kill me so to save us both the potential harm you will have to take my word for it!

Bearing in mind that we are both constantly busy with each of hobbies the initial progress may appear to be slow in the beginning but you should know that we are constantly chipping away and will update Electricallifecyclesolutions once more as soon as we get the chance.

Please enjoy your time here on electricallifecyclesolutions.com and see what we have to offer. Speak to you soon guys, Niall.

A Few Years Ago Colorado Became The First State In USA
Last Edited September 02 2015
A few years ago Colorado became the first state in the USA to legalise the use of buying cannabis seeds. Since then other states have followed their lead, but none are as relaxed about it as Colorado seems to be..

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